It is completely a good trip if you have a trip advisory once you arrived or even before you arrive in the place, certainly. This is because; trip guidance is prominent for anyone who went for travel, especially for those who go to the place for their very first time. Therefore, we are here to help you with some of this trip advisory that might be useful for your next incoming in Malaysia.

What to prepare?
Here are some guidelines we have, to assist you along your stay in Malaysia:

1. Make sure you have Malaysia map with you.

It is good for you when you have at least a small printed map or map application been downloaded into your smartphone. This can help you to find the right place you want to go, with a correct way and directions accordingly. For example, you may search the location you want to visit via Google maps or Waze, as most of places in Malaysia are covered in the Google maps apps.

2. Plan your trip and make a place-to-go-list.

To avoid you later feel loss and regret for not going to any of the place in Malaysia, once you leave this country, it is advisable for you to do a place-to-go list in your early coming, so that there will be no remorse in the end of your trip. Other than that, this list is a great idea to guide you on what to do on your first day arrival in Malaysia, and what activity or plan to do on the next day. So that, framework of your trip will be in order. Feel free to visit to get any information about places of interest in Malaysia.

3. Find a suitable accommodation.

It is essential for you to choose and pick a suitable and good accommodation along your stay in Malaysia. However, it is recommended for you to choose a place that is affordable to your budget. Here in Malaysia, we have variety of choices. Either you want to choose a very exclusive places or places which offer a medium and standard range of price. Choices, it's all in your hand.

4. Bring suitable clothes.

It is recommended to wear loose fitting "summer clothing". While if you travel to higher altitudes like Cameron Highlands and the mountain ranges of Central Malaysia (Peninsular) and in Borneo some form of layering is required. Formal style clothing is not required, but for visits of various sights, especially religious sights, long trousers and long sleeves are needed and the dress should be appropriate.

Danger CAN'T be predicted,
          but it CAN be avoided.

Duty Exemptions for Visitors :

Customs Duty Exemption 1988, Clause 19 allows Malaysian citizens and visitors to import goods, provided they abide by these conditions:

Wine, liquor / liquor malt All not more than 1 litre
Tobacco200 cigarettes / 50 cigars / 225 gm
Clothes / ApparelNot more than 3 pieces
Shoes Not more than 1 pair
Cosmetics or electronic personal care items / toiletries or using batteries Not more than 1 unit
Duty Food item Not more than RM 75
Souvenirs / Gifts Not more than RM 400 (except goods from Langkawi and Labuan)

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Have a plan.
         Have a pleasant vacation with us.

5. Be careful with your personal belongings.

For the safety of your belongings, we recommend you to leave the unnecessary things for you to bring in your accommodation when you plan to go outside. The unnecessary thing for you to bring outside is like jewelry, too much cash-in-hand and other valuable things.

6. Bring your documents along.

When you plan to go outside, or anywhere around Malaysia, make sure you bring all of these documents along to avoid you from encounter any problems later. They are such as your passport, visa and flight tickets.

Important Things to Know:
1. Illicit Drugs

The punishment for drug trafficking is death by hanging. Import and export of illicit drugs (e.g.: morphine, heroine, candu, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Prescribed drugs can only be imported into or exported from the country by virtue of a license issued by the Ministry of Health.

2. Duty-free:

Duty free shops are intention for all travelers, which located at International Airports, main towns, ports and at duty free borders. Arriving and departing travelers can purchase the duty free goods that they are entitled for duty exemption.