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Malaysian Food

Malaysian Food is not one particular distinction of food but a culinary diversity originating from it's multi-ethnic population of Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Chinese,Nyonya and the Indigenous peoples of Borneo. A brief look into the past and how this multi-ethnic country came to be, is essential in order to comprehend how such a cosmic array of food, has now come to be known all over the world as 'Malaysian Food'. Presented here are some of the various delicious and popular dishes from this rainbow of gastronomic spectrum, with pictures and detailed recipes, from each unique ethnic kitchen.


Diced or sliced of chicken, beef, goat, mutton, or other meats - skewered and grilled, served with a Malay traditional sauce

Nasi Lemak

Fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and "pandan" leaf serve with sambal, anchovies, peanuts, egg and vegetables.

Claypot Rice

Traditionally, the cooking is done over a charcoal stove, giving the dish a distinctive flavour.

Tandoori Chicken

Roasted chicken that marinated at least 8 hours or overnight in yogurt, lemon juice, and plenty of spices...

Nasi Biryani

"Special indian basmati rice mix with spies served with chicken / mutton / fish curry, eggs and vegetables."

Yong Tau Foo

Consomme soup containing a varied selection of food items, including fish balls, crab sticks, bittergourds, cuttlefish, lettuce, ladies fingers, as well as chilis, and various forms of fresh produce, seafood and meats.

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