It is essential for you to
plan your trip before you
depart and arrive in Malaysia,
so that you will get a desirable vacation at the end of your trip.
10 Smart Tips on How To Get Prepared Once You Arrived in Malaysia.
1. Can I travel between KLIA and LCCT/KLIA 2?

You can travel by road - by bus or taxi. A taxi is the more expensive option, but most practical if you are traveling with luggage. The busses are a cheaper option (starts from 2.50MYR one way, you can catch them outside the terminal); and most of them are non-conditioned and do not provide luggage storage space. You have to bring everything up to the bus with you.

4. Are there any hotels near the airport?

Yes. LCCT has the Air Asia TUNE hotel, whilst over at KLIA there is the Concorde Inn KLIA and the 5 Star Sama Sama (was the Pan Pacific). Tune is 7 minutes walk or 5 minutes and RM1 bus ride from LCCT/KLIA 2, Concorde Inn has a 5minute shuttle bus from KLIA terminal, and the Sama Sama (formerly the Pan Pacific) is a 5minutes walk directly from KLIA terminal building.

7. Can I leave luggage at LCCT/ KLIA2 or KLIA?

Yes, there is luggage lockers and facilities provided at KLIA/KLIA2 and LCCT.

2. If I arrive at LCCT/KLIA, can I take a train to KL Sentral directly?

No. There is no trains serving LCCT/KLIA 2. The KLIA Express and KLIA transit only departs from and arrives at KLIA Main terminal. If you want to take the train, you first have to get to KLIA Main terminal either by bus or by cab. Train connections for LCCT/KLIA 2 are currently via KLIA terminal or a frequent shuttle bus to Salak Tinggi station where you can get the KLIA Transit train to KL Sentral.

5. Important Notes: Not All Airlines Depart and Arrive at KLIA

Here is a simple list: LCCT/KLIA 2 - Air Asia, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific Subang Airport Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah - Berjaya Air and Firefly KLIA - All other airlines not mentioned above including national carriers and other budget airlines like Jetstar. *Please check with your airline company if you are in doubt.

8. Kuala Lumpur Airport-KLIA Terminal - How do I get to and from the terminal?

As KL Airport is 80kms away from the city centre, travel can take 30-60 minutes depending on the time of day you travel or the mode of travel or even the route taken. There are number of ways to suit most purses to travel to the city from KL Airport. It is either by taxi, train or bus.

10. How long should I leave between flights?

A lot depends on who you are flying with and from what terminal at KL Airport, then you can allow an hour, it is unlikely you will have to check in again for these flights. If you are arriving in with Malaysia Airlines and out with another international carrier both at KLIA, then allow 2-3 hours. If you are arriving with Malaysia Airlines or a national carrier and leaving with Air Asia (or vice versa) then you should allow at least 3 hours, more it you are flying out to an international destination. If you are flying in to KUL (KLIA/KLIA2 or LCCT) and out of Subang or vice versa, you should allow 2-3 hours. This time is, when necessary, to clear customs, collect bags, clear immigration and arrive at the check in desk before it closes.
3. Do I need a Visa to enter Malaysia?

British, Australians, USA, Canadians and most European citizens (among others) will be issued with a 30-90 day permit to stay by immigration when they arrive. Some Nationalities need a visa issued before they arrive, or can apply for a transit without visa if they have a a short stay and tickets arriving and departing with Malaysian Airlines or Air Asia. *Before you travel to Malaysia, please make sure you have the relevant travel documents (including visas) with you.

6. Where Do I Check-in or Transit?

If flying by Malaysia Airlines from outside Malaysia and then transiting to a domestic or another international flight, passengers and luggage will be checked in from start to end and issued boarding passes so you just need to transfer from the international terminal to domestic terminal via the Aerotrain which takes 10 minutes which although tight is certainly do-able.

9. Should I arrange for transfers from my hotel or private car, or should I just buy a coupon from the airport counters?

Hotel transfers and private cars are usually more expensive in most cases. Compare the prices before you decide and pick the option that best suits you.


All taxis at the airport will take you to any destinations at a prepaid rate. Fare is fixed as per destination and vehicles, budget, premier, family and limousine. Please be aware that all budget taxis will seat only three passengers due to constrain of luggage space. However, taxis have the disadvantage of being subject to traffic delays and congestion. As you come into the Arrival Hall, you will walk past the taxi counter, this is run by a company called Airport Limo. You only have to choose the type of taxi you want. Either it is budget, limo/luxury, mini van/family or premier, what you should do next after you pay for the taxi is you will then be informed where to pick up your cab. You will not be ripped off and will not have to pay any extras.

As a guide, the current prices for the Airport Limo who have the taxi franchise from the airport to Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC, Bukit Bintang area) as well as to Genting Highlands. If you are staying at the KL Sentral hotels (Hilton and Meridien) the price will be RM 5 cheaper than the prices to KL City Centre.

*All are current price, but is subject to change.

These prices are subject to a 50% premium when departing between Midnight and 6am. Keep the coupon with you and contact the Airport Limo if you wish to book a cab from your hotel back to the airport. Or you can choose to buy a return ticket. The Airport Limo has fixed prices and they will fetch you up at your hotel punctually to take you to the airport. For more information, please visit the Airport Limos website for prices list either to Malacca or other locations.

Hotel Limousine Service

If the thought of public transport does not appeal you, you might want to arrange for a hotel representative to meet you at the airport. Many hotels include airport pick-up service in some of their room rates. Expect these prices to be higher tan the Airport Limo prices.

Bus Shuttle Service

Travelers can also opt for this cheap and hassle-free way to get downtown, but it is markedly slower than the KLIA Express train, less environmentally friendly and above all, subject to traffic delays just like taxis. The Star Shuttle ( travels between both LCCT and KLIA to Puduraya Bus Station. Travelers can buy a one-way ticket for RM 12.50 at the bus terminal in KLIA and LCCT. Then they journey to Puduraya, which takes around about one hour. The buses are well-maintained and they have frequent services (45 minutes to an hour). Then onto a feeder bus to the hotels. The Star Shuttle service caters passengers traveling from LCCT/KLIA to Ipoh Bercham as well.


Travelers need to follow the signs to the bus terminal. There are shops and a local food available at the cafe inside. The LCCT-KLIA shuttle bus is located at this bus terminal. KLIA-KL Sentral bus is also available at this bus terminal.

Bus to Nilai train terminal (not the KLIA Express train) is also at this bus terminal. Express bus ticket to Ipoh and other is available at the ticketing counters but departure schedule is not that frequent. Bus for connection to Seremban via Nilai is also at this terminal. Bus to Banting town can be boarded at this terminal.

The KLIA Express Train

The 28 minutes journey takes passengers directly to the train hub of KL Sentral. KL Sentral is not in a central location and may require additional taxi/bus/train to your destination. Direct trains (KLIA Express) leave every 15-30 minutes depending on the time of day, from the airport station straight to KL Sentral, taking 28 minutes. The train's great advantages are that it avoids unpredictable traffic congestion as well as being more comfortable than a taxi or bus.

There is another train line (KLIA Transit) that takes a little longer but is generally only used by locals living in the suburbs of Salak Tinggi, Bandar Tasik Selatan, the trains are a great value. Travelers can obtain KLIA Express tickets (RM35 for a one way adult ticket and RM15 for a child ticket) at the airport counters or at the counters in KL Sentral.