Apply Your
Malaysia Visa Here

VLN Online is an electronic system for visa application via online which provides faster and at the convenience of applicants. This system allows user to submit their personal details while waiting for submission approval from the Malaysia Mission Office.

VLN Online is a hassle free alternative for obtaining your visa while eliminating hidden charges. VLN Online also provides various submission/collection options either by courier services or public walk in to One Stop Centre.

Finally, Applicants is required to print out the confirmation slip and attach it together for submission to the One Stop Centre for visa processing.

Fees Payable
Type of Visa Normal Express Urgent
Single Entry China 200 300 400
India 250 350 450
Philipines 200 300 400
Other Country 170 270 370
Multiple Entry
(3, 6, 12, months) & VDR
China 300 400 N/A
India 350 450 N/A
Philipines 300 400 N/A
Other Country 270 370 N/A
The Steps to Apply

Agree on the Terms
& Condition

Please read carefully and understand the online visa application "Term & Condition" and visit "Documents Requirement" page for information about visa types and documents required before you start the application process.

Select Preferred
Submission / Collection

Select your preferred "Submission/ Collection Center", "Submission Method", "Collection Method", and
"Type of Visa" and "Mode of Processing".

Application Form

Complete your visa application form "Online" and upload the mandatory photo. If collection method chose to be by postal service, please enter the postal address accurately. Centre will not be responsible or liable for any delay, delivery to a wrong address, or damage to or loss of the passport by any mail service or delivery service company.

All Application

Check and confirm that the application form is completed in all respect. We will not accept or process incomplete application.

Make Online

Pay all visa, visa processing and other service (if other service engaged) fees online using the available payment option provided. We will not accept or process if all fees is not paid.

Confirmation Slip

Take a print of the confirmation slip with "Unique Receipt Number", which serve as the certificates evidencing payment of the all fees as well as for VisaMalaysia OSC to accept and process the application. A copy of the confirmation slip will also send to the email ID provided. The "Unique Receipt Number" may also use for tracking purpose.


To submit the original Passport, required documents, 2 copies of photo, photocopy of Household book/Birth Certificate (if minor, child below 18 is included), and the confirmation slip with "Unique Receipt Number" to the selected submission center as per selected submission method. (Multiple Entries Visa application - can only submit in person to VisaMalaysia OSC)