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Tourism has become one of the worlds largest and fastest growing industries. The tourism industry is globally a rapid growing industry and contributes to the economic enhancement as well as generates employment opportunities, apart from contributes to the development, especially in a developing country like Malaysia. The international tourist arrivals based on different reasons in Malaysia has made Malaysia been reached by more than 1 billion tourists in 2012.

The rapid growth is seen as a huge potential for further advancement of the industry, as Malaysia has numerous attractions other than enhancing their eco-tourism, edu-tourism, medical-tourism and agro-tourism. As Visit Malaysia 2014 is one of the National mission introduced by the Malaysian Government and the Prime Minister himself, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, it is an indication to tell the world that Malaysia has a lot to offer to the world, in term of interesting places to visit, services and a lot of excitements that awaits you.

What do you still waiting for? Come and join us, as we are welcoming you from all over the world to come to Malaysia.

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