Bukit Tiban National Park

It is therefore a vital catchment area for surrounding plantations, industries and residential areas within the three river systems. Its unique features provide for the development of water-based recreation, wildlife watching and jungle trekking. The peak of Bukit Tiban (764 m) serves as a good viewing point, overlooking the whole area including the surrounding plantations.

The park serves as a demonstration area on the successful regeneration of an ex-logging area. The area has been selectively logged prior to 1985. After logging, the Sarawak Forest Department carried silvicultural treatment on selected plots. These treatment practices to enhance regeneration led to satisfactory recovery of natural forest. Demonstration of recovery can be observed and monitored within these research plots. As a result of the forest recovery, the wildlife population has also been significantly enhanced. The park, being an island of natural forest surrounded by oil palm plantations, continues to serve as a refuge for the wildlife which feed within the plantation area by night. The park is vital for the survival of many of these wildlife species.

The Pan-Borneo Highway at Km 50 Bintulu-Miri forms the southernmost boundary of the Park, making it easily accessible. Its strategic location and unique scenic beauty is an ideal day-trip getaway from hectic city life as well as an excellent stop-over for Pan-Borneo Highway travellers.



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