Similajau National Park

The national park is a recreational resource, and features rainforest, beaches of white and golden sand, and rocky beaches, facing the South China Sea. The park is rich in flora and fauna. The park was first gazetted on 1 December 1976, and published on 20 April 1978. It originally comprised 70.64 km2 (17,460 acres) of forest, starting from Sungai Likau in the south and stretching 30 km (19 mi) to Sungai Similajau in the north. Another 19.32 km2 (4,770 acres) was added to the park on 17 February 2000, making the total area 89.96 km2 (22,230 acres), in a narrow coastal strip.

Jungle trekking

For nature lovers, Similajau National Park provides nature trails. As you trek along the trail you will feel the tranquility of the forest. You are not lonely but are entertained by the music from the friendly insects and beautiful whistling of the birds. The thick forest canopies provide you with fresh air and shades as you walk along.

Bird watching

If you love watching, please bring along a pair of powerful binoculars, zoom-lens cameras and pocket guide bookThere are plenty of birds (both small, medium and large birds) around the park. Notably the black hornbills are always around.


Snorkeling can be carried out along the shore line of the park beaches. There are plenty of rocks where we can see different kinds of marine life such as lobsters, shells, crab, fishes. Do not forget to bring along your own equipment as the park office does not provide any.


There are 20 units of concrete barbecue sets to cater the visitors who love barbecuing. You have to bring along a wire mesh and charcoal / briquette to do the barbecue. The canteen is available to cater foods and drinks.

Crocodile sighting

Crocodile sighting can only be carried out at night. A chartered boat is required to sneak the crocodile along the Likau River. Please use a powerful torch or spot light the eyes of the crocodile. If you are lucky you might be able to see the reptile's whole figure.

Sea and river cruising

Fast boat can be arranged privately. The charges for the cruise depend much on the distance and time taken during the trip. At the moment river cruise usually carried out along Likau River and sea cruise to Batu Mandi and as far as Golden Beach.


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