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Taiping Mall



The Taiping Mall (also called Pacific Mall). This one is the closest to the Lake Gardens, situated on the prime main crossroad of Jalan Tupai and Jalan Panggung Wayang in the town centre. It's on walking distance from the ols market and the Taiping Bus & Taxi Terminal, easily reachable by public transport. It's a shopping landmark in the heart of Taiping Town where daily bustling business activities are taken place. It is poised to become the new "heart" of Taiping as well as the hub of diversified commercial and social activities in the Central and Northern Perak.

This is a modern shopping mall with cheap eateries and clothes shops. It's housed in the same building as Novotel Taiping. Novotel Taiping was officially opened in April 2017 and Taiping Mall is about 5 years older. If you stay at Novotel Taiping & there there's a direct link to Taiping Mall via hotel lobby. Once from hotel lobby, on your left is the 7-Eleven which is really convenient. Some of the retailers in this mall are Hush Puppies, Carlo Rino, Trio, Aeon Wellness, Yamaha, Sushi King, Pacific Hypermarket, Paragon cineplex etc.

Taiping Mall, next to Novotel Taiping is a newer, brighter and higher-end mall than Taiping Sentral Mall. Parking is also available inside this Taiping Mall. There is quite a number of parking space available for those, who drive and the plus point here is, parking is still free for now. You are however required to take a parking ticket and to check out at the Autopay machine before leaving. 

There's a supermarket which is located at the ground floor and there you can do your grocery shopping. There's a morning and night market just behind Taiping Mall. But both will have different stalls. In the morning market there will be more people than in the night market.