Top Public Universities
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
UTM also known as University of Technology, Malaysia. It is the oldest public engineering...
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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), means the national university...
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Universiti Malaya
Malaysia's oldest university, is situated on a 750 acre (309 hectare)...
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Universiti Teknologi MARA
UiTM is Malaysia's largest institution of higher learning in terms of size and population. It has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 1956 and it is still growing...
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Universiti Putra Malaysia
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) started as a School of Agriculture in 1931. It was originally known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia...
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Malaysia is fast emerging as a centre for educational excellence in the region.There are many kindergartens, private schools, international and expatriate schools as well as colleges and universities that offer top-notch education. A number of colleges and universities are affiliated with reputable overseas universities. Malaysia is also the pioneer in this region to have branch campuses of foreign universities.The establishment of these foreign university branch campuses reflects the high-level of confidence in Malaysia as a provider of quality education.

The international community will find Malaysia an ideal destination for all levels of education.Choose from long-term programs such as Diplomas, Bachelor's, Master's and Postgraduate Degrees, or short-term English language courses, summer/motivation camps as well as homestays with the locals.Students can enroll in private and international schools, or opt for expatriate schools where they can continue with the syllabi of their respective countries.Studying here is also an ideal option for families that participate in the Malaysia My Second Home program or health and wellness packages to Malaysia.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education are dedicated to ensure high academic standards in the country. To further promote Malaysia, the Ministry of Higher Education has set up education promotion centres in Vietnam, China, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.

With more than 500 institutions of higher learning around the country, Malaysia offers international students a wide choice in terms of courses, institutions and locations.Degrees in various fields including Engineering, Medicine, Law, Mass Communication, Tourism, Fashion and Fine Arts can be obtained here at a relatively affordable cost, with the quality assurance that is second to none.

The multiracial backdrop provides an excellent opportunity to interact with one another and understand about different cultures.

Language is not a barrier as English is used as the medium of instruction.

Foreigners will find a varies student populations from countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, India, Thailand, Iran, Iraq and many other parts of the world.The multiracial backdrop provides an excellent opportunity to interact with one another and understand about different cultures.

Most educational establishments are equipped with extensive facilities for studies and leisure.Well-stocked libraries, diverse curricular activities as well as regular seminars and workshops provide the necessary support and create a favorable and conducive environment for student's development.

The abundant natural marvels, sunny tropical weather, colorful festivals as well as the warm and friendly locals will enrich your learning experience and make your stay in the country thoroughly enjoyable.So pack your knapsacks, Malaysia awaits you with endless opportunities for learning, adventure and fun.

Top Private Universities
Management & Science University
Management & Science University
MSU is one of top private university in Malaysia that is in Tier 5 by MQA...
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Management & Science University
Multimedia University
MMU known as top private university in Malaysia for the quality of education...
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Universiti Teknologi Petronas
UTP is ranked Top 10 World's Best Petroleum Engineering Colleges...
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Monash University in Malaysia
Monash University is ranked top 100 in the world. Monash University is one...
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Taylor's University
Taylor's is one of the best university to consider as it offers the international qualification form universities abroad...
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