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Medical Tourism in Melaka
Melaka, which is a state situated in the southern region of Malaysia, is famous for its historical sites. Many tourists visit the place every year to enjoy the beauty of the location, and to study the history and culture of the region. The state is also becoming a hotspot for medical tourists. The majority of medical tourists are from Indonesia and Singapore. Reaching this state is quite easy as it is just 148 kilometres away from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, which is well connected to the major cities in the world. Malaysia is a multicultural country with English language widely spoken among its residents. Most of the hospitals also have international patient help centres and translators for foreign medical tourists.
Why Health Tourism in Melaka?
One of the main reasons behind the growth of medical tourism in Melaka is the state of the art facilities that are available. There are few major private hospitals in the state whichs cater to the need of the health tourists. These hospitals are equipped with healthcare professionals, most of whom have received their training from around the world. The health care costs here are also very reasonable and there is practically no waiting list to receive the treatment. Health tourists in Melaka can also visit many tourist spots in the state as Melaka is also one of UNESCO's world heritage sites. The hospitable people and the amazing medical facilities make Melaka a privileged medical tourist destination. Melaka medical tourism also offers alternative holistic services like Unani, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine believed to be able to cure the illness, compliment the general treatments, and also increase the body's resistance.
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