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Malaysia has become one of the top tourist destinations in all over Asia. It has not only attracted tourists, but also investors from all over the world. Both domestic and foreign investment has substantially changed the infrastructure of Malaysia in recent years. Investors are attracted to the high returns of Malaysian real estate. However, without substantial amount of research, you are highly likely to fail. Thus, here are a few tips for you before going into your investment.

The Pay Off
If you buy a real estate, you will be either expecting returns from investment-for-beginners renting or reselling. Rental yield in Malaysia is fairly stable which is among the top gross rental yields in Asia. There are few factors that determine the reselling of your property for a higher price, namely the country's economic growth and the social stability of the country.


The Risks
If you are a buyer who intend to flip the deal to make a quick profit within short term (a few years), you need to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the location or the uniqueness of the property. Buying new properties from big developers will reduce the risk. Consider to rent out your property first to ease your cash flow if could'n€™t be sold in short term, while wait for the for the buyer.


Type of Properties to Invest
Malaysia offers a variety of residential property, from the linked terrace, bungalows, apartments to condominium. It is no surprise that the rental yield of a high-rise loft in central business district like Kuala Lumpur City Centre and Mont Kiara is 2 or 3 times higher than a landed apartment due to the high demand from most foreigners, international students and expatriates.
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