Land of The Hornbills

arawak, also known as The Land of the Hornbills, exhibits notable diversity in ethnicity, culture, and language. The Sarawakian culture has been influenced by Bruneian Malays of the coastal areas. Substantial cultural influences also came from the Chinese and British cultures. Headhunting was once an important tradition for the Ibans but the custom is no longer observed.

"There is something utterly fascinating and mystical about Sarawak. Its vibrant ethnic groups coupled with the legacy of the Brooke dynasty, weave a history filled with intrigue and fascination. The capital city, Kuching is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the history"


Kuching, Sarawak

Mulu Cave, Sarawak
Located in Miri, Niah National Park is home to millions of bats and swiftlets, numerous historical sites, ancient tombs and a primary rainforest come together to enchant visitors at this national park. Sprawling over 3,238ha, Niah National Park enjoys great popularity among history lovers and researchers for its archaeological significance. The Great Cave here was inhabited by prehistoric men nearly 40,000 years ago.


Among the relics unearthed include Neolithic paintings and Paleolithic artefacts. Another attraction is the Painted Caves, where depictions of human-like figures were found near an ancient burial site. Niah National Park is accessible from Miri and Bintulu. It is situated about 109km from Miri or 131km from Bintulu.

Cat Museum, Sarawak
Cat Museum is definitely one place you should visit when you are in the city of cat, Kuching. It is a definite plus if you are a cat lover. Founded in 1993, the Cat Museum is owned by the Kuching North City Hall. There are four galleries containing over 4,000 artefacts including paintings and memorials related to cats. Exhibits include a mummified cat from ancient Egypt, a gallery of feline-related advertising, and the five species of wild cats found in Borneo. The museum covers an area of 1,035 square metres on Bukit Siol which is 60 metres above sea level. The museum is free to the public, but there is a charge for photography and videography. The responsibilities of the Cat Museum are to carry out research, collection, presentation, documentation, promotion, publication, education and awareness of historical heritage, cultures and the natural environment.

Rivers play an important role in Sarawak's transportation. Since time immemorial, the locals have been using river transportation to get access to various parts of the state. Now visitors too can experience this important aspect of local lifestyle. One of the most popular cruises is the Sarawak River Cruise, which departs from the Kuching Waterfront twice a day. It retraces the historical journey of Sir James Brooke in the yesteryear while giving a glimpse of the city's old-world charm. Visitors in search of more excitement can board the perahu tambang, a local boat. It is the easiest and quickest method to get across the Kuching River. This service is widely used by the locals because of its reasonable fare.
Kuching, Sarawak