Yet another spot under the Federal Territory with a unique signature. A peaceful city, no hassle, no bustle nonetheless supplemented by many attractions that are perfect for families and tourists.

his city hosts most of the Governments administration offices including the Prime Minister's Office. Putrajaya was built with the mother nature in mind. You can see green and waterscape flows alongside series of breathtaking architectures. The whole city is a collection of modern yet custom architectural design ranging from buildings, to mesmerizing mosques, amazing bridges as well as beautiful homes. The ambience is so perfect for bringing up your beautiful family, raising children and living a quality lifestyle.

Putrajaya Lake

Putrajaya Lake is a huge 650 hectares man-made lake, designed to naturally be the cooling agent for the city. Besides offering spectacular view to the people of Putrajaya, the central lake contribute to the economics value to the city.


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Office Buildings in Putrajaya
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Shopping Malls
Nature & Parks

IOI City Mall
Shopping Malls
To shop in Putrajaya vicinity is highly convenient. There are two major shopping malls which are the IOI City Mall and Alamanda. To get yourself a parking spot here is quite easy and ample. In IOI City Mall alone, there are more than 7,500 parking bays available in 3 parking levels. There is also premium parking as well as valet to make you life easier. Should you want to explore more than these two malls, you may go to the neighbourhood town - Cyberjaya, Puchong, Bangi or Kajang.

Homes in Putrajaya are mostly open concepts, no fence and gate. However, some precints offer gated and guarded environment. If you prefer to live in a tighter and secured facilities, you might consider living in condominiums, whilst enjoying the aeriel view of Putrajaya.
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