Hospital Admission


Documents required to qualify for exemption of charges or waived charges when seeking for treatment/s or warded at any government's hospital:


  • Any of these documents, i.e.; Social Welfare Card, Government Pension Card, Letter from School or an Endorsement Letter (Guarantee Letter from government body).


Admittance charges or deposits (RM) needed for any Malaysians and foreigners to admit at any of the governments hospital:


  • For these two categories of patients, the authority does practice two different regime quantum of deposit (RM) required. In short, it will commensurate entirely on what type of disciplines or services rendered. For all Malaysians, a sum of RM 30.00 is needed for medical or surgical case and a sum of RM15.00, is needed for gynaecology case. Whereas, for all foreigners, a sum of RM1100.00 is needed for medical or surgical case and a sum of RM800.00, will be imposed for gynaecology case


Documents needed when you need to be admitted at private hospitals:


  • Identity Card or Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Letter of Guarantee/ Health Cards
  • Credit Card / Debit Card
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