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iKAD For
International Students


What is iKAD?


iKAD Card is a private identity issued by the Malaysian government for expatriates and foreigners, including foreign students who are in Malaysia, as long as they remain in Peninsular Malaysia. According to the card in allowing foreigners to travel within West Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) without having to ask for their travel passport, as may be made for airports and entry but no substitute for a passport to go outside country. It is important to note that the card is not a substitute for travel document or any other papers. although it is suitable as the identity through daily transactions, but it's not substitute for a passport to identify you in East Malaysia or remote areas that may not be familiar with the new format of the card.


iKAD card contains the following information about you as a foreign student:


  • Student Photograph.
  • Passport Number.
  • Nationality of the student.
  • Educational institution or University name where the student is studying.
  • Duration of the Student Pass in Malaysia.
  • May include barcode and thumbprint.


How does a foreign student studying in Malaysia get an iKAD?


You can apply for the card as foreign personally or through the company's responsibility for your presence in the country or through a representative of the student's written permission. In the Department of Immigration in Putrajaya. And it is issued by the immigration authorities in Putrajaya for expatriates and their families during the period between one day to 5 days depending on the availability of the cards and the stability of the system.


What do you do when the card is lost or damaged?


In the event that your card has been lost or damaged while you are studying in Malaysia, you have to inform the educational institution or university that you are studying. As a student, you will be responsible for payment of any replacement card fees when lost or damaged.


In the event that the iKad is lost or damaged, the following fees will apply:


  • For Lost/Damaged iKad (1st request) – RM150
  • For Lost/Damaged iKad (2nd request for the same student) – RM300
  • For Lost/Damaged iKad (3rd request for the same student) – MYR 500 very subsequent loss/damage of iKad (after damaging/losing it 3 times) for the same student – MYR500 each request


Cost of Living




You should estimate about RM300-600 (US$94-188) for your accommodation per month. The rental will vary depending on the geographical area, the type of accommodation (on-campus living in a hall of residence; or off-campus living in an apartment, condominium, single-storey house, double-storey house, etc.), the facilities provided in the house (e.g. with or without air-conditioning) and of course, the number of people sharing the room (or apartment or house).


Food and Housekeeping


Your food and housekeeping expenses are estimated to be around RM450-600 (approx. US$140-185). This is based on about RM15-20 (US$4.60-6.20) for three meals per day. Naturally, it would be cheaper if you cook and share the cooking expenses with your friends.


Clothing and Laundry


Your clothing expenses like washing, ironing and dry-cleaning may cost around RM60 (US$19) per month.


Public Transport


Students who stay on campus or near campus may not incur any cost of travelling to and from classes. However, other travelling may cost approximately RM30-50 (US$9-16) per month.


Telecommunication / Mobile Phone Bills


The mobile phone packages in Malaysia are very competitive. How much you spend will depend on your usage and the promotional package you choose. The average student may spend about RM30-80 (US$9-25) per month.


Books, Reading Materials and Stationery


The estimated cost of books and stationery should be around RM50-100 (US$16-32) per month, but it would largely depend on the course you have signed up for and the number and nature of projects in your course.


Medical and Hospitalisation Insurance


Although you may not need to pay for medical expenses every month, if you put aside RM50 (US$16) per month, it would be sufficient for you in case you need outpatient treatment at a private clinic during the year. This estimate does not include the amount you will have to pay for your medical and hospitalisation insurance of about RM500 per year.


Personal Expenses


Your monthly personal expenses largely depend on your personal lifestyle. However, the cost can be estimated to be between RM100 (US$32) and RM200 (US$64). This includes your socialising needs, toiletries, haircut, clothes, movie, etc.


Dependant Pass


Dependant Pass is meant for your immediate family members (parents, spouse and children only). Immigration will issue your dependants with a Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) for a maximum duration of 12 months at a time. The LTSVP will only be valid for as long as the student has a valid student pass.


This application will be made through the educational institution on behalf of your dependants who are in Malaysia. Each dependant who enters Malaysia on a social pass will be subject to a ‘Journey Performed’ visa fee of RM500 as well as a single-entry visa fee (subject to nationality).


Rules and Procedures


All postgraduate students enrolled in Public and Private Universities are eligible to apply for dependant passes on behalf of their families. Undergraduate Students-Students who are studying for their Bachelor’s Degree will only be eligible to apply for dependant passes on behalf of their families if they are citizens of the following countries:


  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Turkey
  • Qatar
  • Azerbaijan
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Kuwait
  • Yemen
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Oman
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Iraq
  • Libiya
  • Maldives
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