Congratulations on being accepted into one of the university in Malaysia! Now, what is the next step? Many students failed to understand the importance of applying your student visa well before the start of your course. Do not fret as this section will provide you with a comprehensive information on how you can apply for your student visa in a breeze.




Visa Application


The Visa Approval Letter means that the Immigration department in Malaysia has granted approval for you to obtain a Student Pass. Please note that this letter is not the Student Pass, it only grants you permission to enter Malaysia for the further processing of your Student Pass.


A letter of approval for your student pass will be released by the Malaysian Immigration Department and be delivered to the institution which has offered you a place to study. The institution will then send this approval letter to you while you are still in your own country. Once you have received the VAL, you can make arrangements to travel to Malaysia.


Travel Tips
To ensure a smooth arrival, make sure you give the educational institution details of your port of entry (airport), flight number, arrival date and time before leaving your country for Malaysia. A representative from the institution should greet you at the immigration check-point at the Malaysian airport upon your arrival.


Single Entry Visa (SEV)
All foreign students with a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) have to obtain a Single-Entry Visa (SEV) from a Malaysian Embassy overseas before entering Malaysia. However, if you are a citizen of a country that does not require a visa to enter Malaysia, you will be able to enter Malaysia provided you produce the VAL at the point of entry. Failure to produce a VAL may result in you not being allowed to enter the country.


Upon Arrival to Malaysia
Upon arrival at the airport / entry point in Malaysia, you will be required to show your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) at the immigration check point. A special pass will be stamped in your passport to give you a valid stay while you process your student pass. The validity of this special pass can range between 14 to 30 days. This is at the discretion of the Immigration Department.


Other entry points (international airports) include Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Sabah); Kuching International Airport (Sarawak) and Penang International Airport (Penang). Some students also enter Malaysia via land routes from Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia.


At the immigration counter you will be required to present the following documents to the immigration officer:


  • Original passport
  • Visa Approval Letter
  • Original Offer letter from your education Institution in Malaysia


Your institution's representative will usually be at the immigration check point to receive and attend to you. After the immigration clearance, the representative will be responsible to transfer you to the educational institution to report your arrival. Please make sure you have notified your institution of your arrival dates.


If you are coming from a country which is considered to be at a high risk of yellow fever, you will be required to obtain the necessary inoculations before coming to Malaysia. You will be asked to provide your yellow fever vaccination booklet/card before you can clear Immigration at the point of entry.


Medical Screening
Once you have arrived in Malaysia, you have 7 days from your entry date to attend a medical screening in Malaysia.




The Malaysian government has made the process of the application of student visa and pass easy for anyone who wants to study in the country, as you do not have to contact your local Embassy of Malaysia no more. The steps are as follows:


Step 1: Contact the institution directly
Apply for a student pass from your chosen institution and no longer via the Immigration Department. Follow the special application requirements as indicated by the institution. Then, your application will be submitted by the educational institution to the Director of Pass & Permit Division of Malaysia. Note that your passport must be valid for more than 1 year. If it is shorter than that period, your pass will not be processed.


Step 2: Wait for the confirmation of acceptance
Prospective students will be informed of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through the educational institution that one has chosen. Regardless if you are accepted or not, the notification of acceptance is usually sent within a week (7 days).


Step 3: Send the necessary documents
If successful, you have to mail them the visa documents required or you can send it to the place they specify since transactions are made directly from the institution. From that point, the process will then be taken care of by the institution itself.


Step 4: Institution will send you a letter confirming your student pass
A letter of approval for your student pass will be released by the Malaysian Immigration Department and be delivered to the institution upon your acceptance. The institution will then send this approval letter to you.


Step 5: Inform the institution
Before you go to Malaysia, you must inform the institution about your airport location, flight number, and arrival date and time. A representative from the institution will greet you at the immigration check-point at the Malaysian airport upon your arrival. Next, your visa will be issued to you via an endorsement on your valid national passport.


Step 6: Wait for your Student Pass sticker
Within 2 weeks, your passport will be submitted to the Immigration Department and a student pass sticker will be affixed to it


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