Temporary service disruption due to Covid19.

In accordance with the Restriction Movement Order issued by the Malaysian Government on 16th March 2020, all foreign tourists and visitors are not allowed to enter Malaysia starting from March 18, 2020 until further notice.

Therefore, all visa facilities (VTR and VDR) of eNTRI, eVISA, VOA and Visa Malaysia (Stickers) to all foreign nationals are temporarily suspended with the decisions made effective March 18, 2020 until further notice. Any application for visa after the restriction date will only be processed pending on the government decision based on the current situation.

Kindly consider rescheduling your travel plan if your travel date is in between the restriction date.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

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Bukit Bintongan

Bukit Bintongan is a mountain and is located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 839 metres. 

Bukit Puteri

A small hill of historical significance in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed village and hotel located in Berjaya Hills Resort, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia.

Coniferous Forest

Nature preserve in Bentong District

Genting Highlands

Hillside resort featuring hotels, a casino, rides, entertainment, skyways, nightlife & more.

Gunung Angsi

One of the easier mountains to climb in Malaysia but it should not be underestimated.

Gunung Datuk

Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk (Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest) is located in the Hutan Simpan Tampin (Tampin Forest Reserve), which is a hill dipterocarp forest.

Gunung Keriang

Gunung Keriang (Mount Keriang) is a 250 million year old lump of mainly limestone rock which is said to be in the shape of an elephant and reaches a height of 218 meters

Gunung Nenek Semukut

Mukut Village is located right at the southern tip of the island. Getting here may require advanced boat reservation because the village is located away from the main route for passenger boats

Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest Western Section

Gunung Pulai is a 654 meter high hill near the city of Johor Bahru.

Gunung Raya

The highest point on the island, this peak features hiking trails, wildlife & an observation tower.

Gunung Rembau

Gunung Rembau is the highest part of the large mountain range southeast of KL and Seremban

Mengkuang Dam

The park in the dam area is a popular place for recreation. Mengkuang Dam is also one of the venues for the annual Penang International Dragon Boat Festival.

Mossy Forest

The mossy forest is a natural environment that grows only at the highest elevations of Cameron Highlands and other mountain ranges across Malaysia.

Mount Keriang Recreational Park

The Gunung Keriang Recreation Park, which is located at 12 km from the heart of Alor Setar City is one of the major tourist attractions in the state of Kedah. The park is a natural habitat for hundreds of tree and plants species.

Sungai Pandan Waterfall

Sungai Pandan is part of a Forest Reservation Area called Hutan Lipur Sungai Pandan, encompassing an area of about 25 hectares.

Taman Saujana Hijau

An attractive 41 hectare park covering a ridge and three rolling hills in the northwest corner of Putrajaya's Presint (Precinct) 11

Terap Pine Forest

Terap Pine Forest is a peaceful forest that is 30km off Kulim filled with majestic pine trees. The forest is only 45 minutes’ drive from Sedim Eco Resort.

 Gunung Kajang

Towering over 1038 meters high, the often cloud-shrouded and extinct volcano Gunung Kajang is not only Tioman's highest mountain, but it's also the highest mountain of any island off Peninsular Malaysia's East Coast.